Jun 11, 2022

An overview of the Scramble and Partion of Africa and the Berlin Conference

How the Berlin Conference changed the face of the African continent

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Mister Fahrenheit
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In the previous posts, I gave an overview of the Scramble of Africa. Essentially revealing the reasons for this and how it was done. After the abolition of the Slave Trade, the European powers in quest for a new sense of pride and financial gains, decided to exercise their imperial ambitions by conquering Africa, mostly in the guise of civilizing them, which was a fallacious story told by the European Monarchy and governments to it’s populations to avoid politically correct citizens from protesting. Except, there were already civilizations in Africa, and fully functional societies. The greed and insatiable appetite of the European powers reached its apex during the Berlin West African Conference in 1884.… In the recording below, I will give a detailed explanation of everything in regards to the topic. Now keep in mind that it’s my first podcast and I am pretty nervous, but I believe I will ameliorate with time to give everyone better content. Don't forget to subscribe and reply in the comments if there’s any criticism.

The Berlin Conference of 1884–1885: The Meeting That ...
The official image of the Berlin West African Conference 1884-85

The Berlin Conference | South African History Online
An illustration of the African continent between 1880 and 1913

As explained in the recording, very little of the continent was occupied. The presence of European powers was mostly along the coast, and they barely ventured in the interior. But with several technological innovations and The Berlin Conference, only two territories were not colonised and occupied at the eve of the First World War of 1914

The Berlin Conference (1884) - ppt download
An illustrative image of Otto Von Bismarck carving out Africa in the presence of European powers.

This image personally reminds me of the Mafia syndicates of New York City. Where a group of powerful people sit together and carve out territories where they can rob and pillage the people of that area. It aligns with my views that the conference was just European powers deciding on how to rob Africa better, like an organized crime syndicate.