Jun 25, 2022 • 36M

Patrice Lumumba : The Man Ahead Of His Time

The life and death of the father of Congolese independence, and an African hero

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Mister Fahrenheit
The origins of colonialism in Africa and it’s effects on Modern day Africa, alongside the study of emblematic historical figures of African descent. Donate to support my research through PayPal or Mobile Money
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We come back on the life of one of the most famous and important African nationalists, Patrice Emery Lumumba of the Democratic Republic of Congo. A born orator, charismatic figure and highly intelligent, Lumumba is an iconic figure to Africans and beyond. Respected by an entire continent, Lumumba took on the Belgian colonial system put in place over decades and dismantled it, alongside with his comrades, and led Congo to a long difficult road to independence. In this podcast, we review his life, struggles, eventual arrest and assassination. We discover how the plot to kill him was way bigger than Congo, and was orchestrated by the highest officials of countries like Belgium, France, Britain and the USA. We also see how far they went to protect their dirty secret, by going as far as assassinating the Secretary General of the United Nations Organization. Find out in this week's podcast of Colonialism and it's effects on modern day Africa.

Patrice Lumumba — Wikipédia
Patrice Lumumba on his first day of office, June 1960
Patrice Lumumba — Wikipédia
Lumumba at the All-African People's Conference in 1958
Vie et mort de Lumumba: quand la France encensait le dirigeant nationaliste  1/3 | RFI SAVOIRS
Lumumba during his famous “Le Peuple Avant Tout” Speech in 1960
RDC : la cérémonie de restitution des restes de Lumumba reportée à juin –  Jeune Afrique
Lumumba arrested by Mobutu's forces in his way to Stanleyville (Kisangani)
RDC : la dent de Patrice Lumumba bientôt restituée par la Belgique |  Africanews
The last picture of Lumumba, a few days before he was assassinated, alongside Mpolo, his associate. 1960
RDC : à quand la restitution de la relique de Lumumba ? | Afrique | DW |  07.01.2022
A statue of Lumumba in Kinshasa. Father of Belgian independence and African Nationalists